Letter to the Taranaki Daily News

  • January 11, 2016

I understand that MP David Seymour intends to bring a bill before parliament this year on the controversial subject of euthanasia.

There is rarely sufficient intelligent comment from the public about this issue, as only a minority of families are immediately involved. I am one of the older brigade and spent four years overseas during the war, during which time I learnt to smoke cigarettes provided by my country. Close to 95 years old, I now suffer from emphysema and an ever diminishing supply of breath, I have ulcers in my joints, fluid in my legs, probably bowel cancer, a hernia, some gout and septic arthritis. I also wear a catheter. While the medical profession is doing an admirable job of keeping me alive, my own is mostly spent coping with various health issues. I am in full support of David and his euthanasia bill. I trust that many other families, MPs and their constituents will carefully consider the euthanasia bill and support David in his quest to give sufferers a choice, with sufficient legal protection for all concerned.

Name withheld