Big Win Adding Referendum to End of Life Choice Bill

  • October 24, 2019

Last night Parliament voted 63-57 to add a referendum provision to the End of Life Choice Bill. It was a critical vote for delivering on the goal of this campaign:the right of people suffering at the end of their life to choose how and when they go under a properly safeguarded process.

Adding the referendum means that New Zealand First will continue supporting the bill with their nine votes at the Third Reading to be held on November 13th. 

Critically, the vote that followed the vote on the referendum clause was won 66-54. That is an indication of where support sits for the bill in its entirety, but MPs have been changing their votes in both directions throughout the process.

The conclusion is, we're not there yet. Those of us who believe in compassion and choice will have to redouble our efforts over the coming three weeks in the lead up to November 13th. If we succeed there, we will have to ensure that the bill is not smeared by opponents in a referendum campaign expected to take place next year.

David Seymour would like to thank all of those who have helped so far. "We've got this far because we've had people inside and outside of Parliament diligently working for this bill. Now, in the final three weeks, I'm calling on everyone who's helped so far to redouble their efforts. We could still lose it all on November 13th if we don't get a majority in Parliament one more time.