Fran O'Keefe-Jones - As a very senior lady I totally applaud the End of Life Choice legislation

  • January 20, 2016

As a very senior lady I totally applaud the End of Life Choice legislation. For many years I have been actively involved with Voluntary Euthanasia and cannot understand why people can be so heartless as to object to the possibility of some assistance when needed. The opponents go on about Suicide. NZ Statistics do not show the number of ‘attempted suicides’ and it is my belief that many are because there is no other way out. For many of us facing the possibility of a nasty end of life, suicide is on our minds and methods sought. Get real folk don’t deny the obvious. Many of us do not want to be the statistics of total dependence/loss of dignity/totally relying on others or the Government coffers.

After being widowed and then found happiness, I lost a darling husband suddenly, a shock but a realisation that he would not have wanted to be an invalid was of some comfort over time.

I also lost a darling youngest daughter 35yo, a precious person I must add. She suffered for almost 12 months during which time we read and sought information to help the situation, but had to watch the slow decline of the inevitable. She left a bereft husband and one daughter just starting college, not to mention her Mum, family and friends. To watch a loved one suffer at length is cruel and certainly leaves its scars on those left behind.

I believe because NZ statistics of ‘attempted suicide’ are not shown, the community would be shocked at how many make the effort to end their lives because of the dreaded ugly end. Surely the legislation being sought would eliminate suicides to a degree. I am appalled at the opposition of some churches, and can only hope and pray there will be help when my time comes.